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Metro is working from 6.00 till 23.00.

4 trains provide 7-munute intervals.
Smart-jettons and smart-cards are used in kazan metro.

Jetton costs 10 roubles (~ 0,27 Euro). It can be used only once and only one day.

Card demands bailment - 45 roubles. It can contain some number of trips (from 5 to 60). One trip costs 10 roubles, too. This card can be used for 1 month, but it can be elongated. Card balance can be controled with validator.

There are special prices for people, who uses subway everyday:
  • scholars (50 trips per month) - 300 r.
  • Students (50 trips per month) - 360 r.
  • Other (75 trips per month) - 720 r.

Every station is equiped with a few tourniquets:

Tourniquet photo



P.S. 1 Euro costs ~ 36 roubles; $1 costs ~ 27 roubles.


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