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It's planned to make urban railway system, which will be based on the existing railways.

Circle line contains 2 parts - southern (will be ended at 2012) and northern (2018). Total length - 32 km.

3 radial lines are planned, too:

1st Radial line - Southern. 13 kms of new ways will connect perspective southern districts with Ametievo station.

2nd Radial line - Western. It will connect Kozia sloboda station witn new districts in Igumnovo, Arakchino etc.

3rd Radial line - Eastern. It will connect Derbyshky with circle line.
LM map
Light metro map(342 kb).

It's planned to use "Rusich" type (81-740) trains.

LM train LM train


Kazan light metro, s-bahn