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Why metro?

    Underground is the best transport for the big city. There are some reasons:
  1. Speed. There are no cross-roads, traffic jams, traffic lights for metrotrains. It's the fastest transport.

  2. Safety. Cars, buses, trams sometimes crash. And people die on the roads...

  3. Ecology. Electric trains do no exhausts.

  4. Economy. When people move faster, safer - it's a big economy, millions of dollars for the big city.

  5. Views of the city. More roads, more cars - less trees, parks. It is not beatiful perspective.

  • 1979 - the population of Kazan city became more than 1 mln. inh.
  • 1983 - geological works started.
  • 1987 - the plan was ready.
  • By the plan of 1988th year construction had to start in 1992.
  • 1991 - USSR falls to pieces.
  • 1996 - financial documents were done.
  • 1997 - construction of the first line begun.
  • 2000 - The first LOVAT started to work.
  • 2005 - the first line begun to work