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Why metro?
    The underground is the best transport problem solution for the big city.

    Metro is fast, carriageable, ecological and looks well.

In brief
  • 5 stations
  • 7,01 km
  • average speed ~45 km/h
  • 7 munutes intervals
  • working since 6 until 23 hours                        
  • 12.05.2008 - start of the construction of the second tunnel between "Kozia sloboda" and "Kremlin" stations.

  • Kazan buys "Rusich"-type cars.

  • New plans of development are available.

  • "Pobeda prospect" station will open at 30.08.2008.

  • 9.03.2008 The first tunnel between "Kozia sloboda" and "Kremlin" stations is ready.

  • 23.03.2007 - the second (right) tunnel between "Gorky" and "Pobeda prospect" is ready!

  • 17.03.2007 - 10 years of "Kazmetrostroy"! Construction of the K-metro began 10 years ago

  • "Gorki" - "Pobeda Pr." left tunnels are ready! "Pobeda Pr." station project is approved.

  • New station (Kozia sloboda) construction has begun.

  • 4 trains, 7 munutes intervals.

  • Announcements are done in Russian and Tatar.
Progress bar:

Progress bar - metro
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- digging now
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