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81-553.3/554.3 model. There are 2 types of cars: 81-553.3 (head) 81-554.3 (standard). Trains has 4 cars (2 + 2).
Gear - asynchronous tractive.

Manufacturer - "Vagonmash" (Saint-Petersburg).
Cars were made especially for Kazan city,in partnership with Skoda Dobravni Technika.

Videos with this cars:

Length, m19
Passenger capacity310
Nominal potential of the contact rail, V850
Power, kW4x170
Max speed, km/h80
Tare, t~32
Track gauge, mm1520

81-740.1/741.1 Rusich-type cars are exploited in Moscow and Sofia. Kazan has also bought 5 trains of this type - for new stations. Trains has 3 cars.

Length, m27
Passenger capacity370
Nominal potential of the contact rail, V850
Power, kW4x160
Max speed, km/h90
Tare, t~49
Track gauge, mm1520

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